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enviromental activities

Kashifuji was certified for “ISO9001” (Quality Management Systems) in March 1998, and “ISO14001” (Environmental Management Systems) in May 2004. Since the establishment of the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) improvements have been made, and we have determined that the operation level of the EMS can be maintained by Self-Management. Accordingly, we have operated the EMS by ourselves since April 2017. We will maintain the established EMS and will continue to pursue additional improvements to the EMS.

fundamental principal

Kashifuji practices environmental conservation for the entire field of business activities, based upon a deep understanding of how these business activities effect the regional or global environment.

enviromental policies

Continuous improvement of environmental management systems
and prevention of environmental pollution

Compliance with laws, regulations and requirements

Promotion of environmental preservation activities
[1] Design, develop and manufacture eco-friendly products
[2] Energy reduction and less usage of natural resources
[3] Waste reduction and promotion of recycling
[4] Appropriate control and reduction of the use of chemical substances