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Kashifuji's Strength ~  A Message from the President

A High-Quality Machine Tool is a Machine that delivers High-Precision, and Many Years of Reliable, Dependable Service. ?ス~?ス?ス?スB?スYWhen you pursue high quality of machine tools, you probably would place emphasis on machining accuracies and/or functionality. This is quite natural, but actually it is not good enough. For machine tools, frequent downtime is a fatal flaw. Once the machines are installed in the production line, no downtime is permissible. Quite often, the machines must run around-the-clocks. Machine tools must provide superior performance under severe conditions, for many years. Our version of a High-Quality Machine Tool meets these difficult standards. 30~40 year-old Kashifuji machines are still producing quality parts for our customers. This machine “longevity” proves the high quality of our products. High-Quality machine tools prove their value by maintaining their high accuracy and usability over many years of use. With this kind of durable machine tools, a manufacturer's words of assurance are unnecessary. The more the machines are used, the more quality speaks for itself. After 5 or 10 years of use, a machine's true value, the production of quality products, will be proven. These days, a lot of home electrical appliances have acquired a bad reputation… “Cheap, but faulty”. However, machine tools cannot follow that path. The true value of a machine tool is in its productivity. Maintaining high productivity without downtime is the principal factor in high quality machine tools.

A Large Prominent Customer Base of Domestic and Foreign Companies. Our customer list comprises major domestic automakers and top-ranking domestic and foreign companies. This acceptance reveals our products have passed many demanding quality standards of these various companies, and have provided a dependable productivity. Confidence in our product quality is maintained due in part to the large percentage of machine components produced in our factory. This allows a thorough quality control over components and finished products, which establishes a production system that guarantees high quality.

State-of-the-Art Software Technology Combined with Reliable Hardware (Machine) Kashifuji's Skilled Craftsmen Assure Product Quality Software technology, such as computerized control, is forever changing as time progresses. But, if the hardware side, that is to say, machines are lacking in quality, the production value as machine tool is worth nothing. State-of-the-art software has to be combined with reliable hardware (machine). To assure product quality, highly skilled employees are required. Advanced automated systems cannot replace the fine accuracy adjustments of the human hand in the final processes. Only Master Craftsmen can perform these fine adjustments. So, inevitably strong human resource development is imperative, and is the key to maintaining quality. Nearly 100 years have passed since our company founding in 1913. We take pride in the knowledge transferred, and the sense of craftsmanship, that has been passed on in an unbroken line. This “100 years of Experience” has allowed assured product quality, and enables us to maintain the largest market share of hobbing machines in Japan today. We will continue to focus on the training of our valued employees creating another generation of skilled craftsmen.

We will continue to accelerate International/Overseas Operations based on the accumulated Experience and Technologies from our Domestic Customers. Our company has grown by meeting the demanding quality standards of Japanese customers. We take pride in our products that can be used for customers all around the world. Previously, we focused on only the domestic market, but these days we have been vigorously pursuing overseas customers (especially in Asian area). For instance, we utilize peripheral equipment suitable for the local work environment, or establish an after-sales service system once the machines are installed. After the machine installation, customers can be supported with periodic maintenance or technical seminars/lectures covering specific customer area of interest/concern. To operate this “Follow Up” Service in an efficient manner, we are dedicated to training local staff. We have recruited foreign personnel that have graduated from Japanese Universities, and have introduced a plan to allocate him/her to their location of familiarity, after a training period at Kashifuji.

Kashifuji's brand name is well known and accepted in Japan due to our long company history. However, we have to admit, that Kashifuji is not so well known outside of Asia/Japan. We will continue to make a concerted effort to provide high quality “Follow Up” service to our foreign, as well as domestic customers!

Tasturo Kashifuji

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