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Manufacture of User-Friendly Machine Tools based on the Operator's Point of View.

In 1918, soon after our company was founded, Kashifuji successfully produced Japan's first hobbing machine. Since then, Kashifuji has produced numerous innovative machine tools. Following the production of the 1st practical carbide gear hobber in 1976, Kashifuji achieved a significant industry breakthrough by introducing the CNC production gear hobbing in 1979. It was once thought that gear cutting required complex machining procedures, and that only skilled machinists were capable of high-precision gear cutting. Kashifuji, making full use of its creative engineering technologies, completely overturned the industry's conventional wisdom by developing novel hobbing machine tools and associated equipment that allowed extremely accurate gear generation. Today, Kashifuji's hobbing machines are widely used by the automotive industry and by many other industries worldwide. Their quality has established Kashifuji's reputation as a top manufacturer of hobbing machines.
The 1st Machine 40-inch Hobbing Machine

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