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The GPA (Gear Production Alliance) is an alliance of Kanzaki Kokyukoki , Nachi Fujikoshi and Kashifuji.

These three companies have an enormous amount of experience and outstanding technologies in the gear production field. In 2002, they entered into a technical agreement involving machines and cutting tools used for gear production.

We offer a total solution of combined equipment and machines, including related cutting tools with consistent, dependable customer support.

GPAconsists of 3 companies
Company Kanzaki Kokyukoki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kashifuji Works, Ltd.
Headquarters Amagasaki-city, Hyogo-prefecture Toyama-city, Toyama-prefecture Kyoto-city, Kyoto-prefecture
Features ▶Providing machine tools with outstanding gear finishing technologies accumulated while supplying to its parent company“Yanmar”.
▶Holding the largest market share of high precision finishing machines such as Shaving Machines and Honing Machines etc.
▶Holding the largest market share of the gear cutting tools for Precision Gear Production and Broaching Machines.
▶Having advanced technologies of Heat Treat Equipment such as a Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces.
▶Holding the largest market share of Hobbing Machines.
▶Providing Hobbers with specifications for complete dry cut hobbing or hard hobbing for the finishing process.

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