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KL1000 6 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

Ideally suited for Large Sized Gears A Substantial, Accurate and Extremely Rigid Hobbing Machine

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�F1200mm
  • Max. Module�F20

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    ・ Wind Power Generator Gear
    ・ Construction Machine Gear
    ・ Marine Propulsion Gear
    ・ Large Reduction Gear

    An Extremely Stiff Machine Structure

    The machine bed and column are both heavily ribbed and have the necessary weight to produce a rigid machine structure. Additionally, the hob head drive train has the appropriate reduction ratio to allow ample torque and high accuracy at low hob speeds. The hob head drive train carries a high inertia that minimizes load variations created during heavy duty hobbing with of multi-start hobs.

    X-Axis Guideway Structure -Cross Ribbed Pattern
    X-Axis Guideway Structure -
    Cross Ribbed Pattern
    Tailstock Column and Work Table Structure - Radially Ribbed Pattern
    Tailstock Column and Work Table Structure -
    Radially Ribbed Pattern

    Excellent Hobbing Accuracies

    A special device in the hob head applies triple hob arbor clamping force, securely and automatically clamping the hob arbor.The hob spindle is directly connected to an encoder delivering highly accurate hob rotation.Cutting and circulating lubrication oils are temperature controlled to prevent thermal distortion of the machine's major components (work table and machine bed).

    Excellent Accessibility & Ease of Operation

    The tooling area is fully enclosed by a sliding door that opens to allow the operator access to the tooling area from both the operator panel side and machine rear side. The tooling area is spacious, with easy access to various components. There is a station for CNC Axis manual control (Manual Pulse Generator) making machine set-up/part inspection for easy.

    Tremendous Versatility

    The KA1200 has extra long travel on each axis, and the Work Table is designed for long shaft type parts creating a very versatile hobbing machine.

    On Board Gear Tooth Inspection

    Gear tooth profile and lead can be easily measured on the machine by using the "on board" inspection function. A removable detector head is used to measure tooth shapes by simultaneously 3 axes machine movement. (X, Y and C)

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