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KA220/400 6 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

Designed for Heavy Duty Hobbing of Medium Sized Gears An Extremely Rigid Hobbing Machine

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�F250/400mm
  • Max. Module�F8

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    ・ Large Automotive Transmission Gear (Ring Gear etc.)
    ・ Truck Gear
    ・ Agricultural Machine Gear
    ・ Construction Machine Medium Sized Gear

    Production Photo

    Stable Heavy Hobbing

    The rigidly designed hob head and hob saddle assure consistency in hobbing accuracies during heavy duty hobbing.

    The machine bed employs double-walled structure with suitably designed ribbing. Additionally, the long and wide guideways prevent column distortion due to cutting forces generated during heavy duty hobbing.

    Experience in Hobbing M16 Gears

    The maximum module on the KA220/400 as standard specifications is 8, however larger pitch gears of more than 8 module can be successfully hobbed by using the multi-cut hobbing cycle. (We have ample experience in hobbing M16 Gears).

    Efficient Finish Hobbing is Available

    By using Dual Hobs mounted on a single arbor (HSS hob for roughing and a Cermet Hob for finishing),a highly accurate finished gear can be achieved, eliminating the shaving process. Moreover, the Cermet hob cutter effectively prevents "Built-Up" cutting edges (workpiece material welding to the hob's cutting surface) during the hobbing cycle.

    Also, a Carbide Skiving hob cutter having a negative rake angle can be used to finish heat treated (hard) parts.

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