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KL451 4 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

An Extremely Versatile Hobber Covering a Wide Range of Parts Ideal for Hobbing of Small and Medium Sized Gears

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�F450mm
  • Max. Module�F5

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    Small Sized Gear , Medium Sized Gear

    High Versatility for a Large Variety of Parts

    The KL451 performs with high efficiency for light duty hobbing of a wide variety of small and medium sized gears.

    CNC operation of the C-Axis (Work Table) is standard

    Calculating, locating and installing Index and Differential Change Gears have been eliminated.
    The C-axis CNC reduces Part change-over time significantly.
    Additionally, hobbing of a gear with a prime-number of teeth or a gear up to 1,000 teeth can be easily done due to the C-axis CNC.

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