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KL750R 6 Axis-CNC Rotor Hobbing Machine

A Powerful 6 Axis Full CNC Hobbing Machine Specifically Designed for Compressor Screw Rotors

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�FScrew Rotor300mm�@Screw Rotors200mm
  • Max. Module�F16

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    Screw Rotor

    High Rigidity

    The double-walled machine bed with suitably aligned ribbings has wide guideways supporting the work table saddle. The KL750R has a main body structure delivering excellent thermal stability as well as a superb static and dynamic rigidity. Moreover, oil coolers (standard equipment) are used to stabilize cutting oil and circulating lubrication oil temperatures reducing thermal distortions, which allows increased accuracies during heavy duty hobbing of a screw rotor with large face width.

    High Accuracy

    The work table utilizes a very accurate 3 thread-master worm gear and a large diameter worm wheel providing high rigidity and accuracy while still allowing ample work table rpm. The Work Table Backlash Eliminator(optional) makes it possible to hob a screw rotor with a high helix angle accurately for many years.

    A Large, Extremely Accurate Hob Head Specifically Designed for a Part with a High Helix Angle

    The hob head is specifically designed for a high helix angle screw rotor. It swivels and clamps automatically (L or R) depending on the hand of the screw rotor.
    The hob head can accommodate a maximum size hob of 310mm x 455mm (OD x L) (400 L when equipped with auto hob arbor clamping). Maximum hob shift is 300mm. A high-powered spindle motor allows a powerful and highly accurate hobbing at all ranges of rpm.


    The KL750R employs a high column allowing 580 mm of axial (Z-axis) stroke, which easily handles hobbing of a screw rotor with a long face width. The high tailstock column has 1,000 mm of axial tailstock arm stroke, which makes loading/unloading of a long part very simple. Additionally, the tailstock arm has wide guideways with a clamping function to securely hold a part during heavy duty hobbing.

    Versatile Features

    An auto loader, auto stocker, runout detection device of a fixture part, and an auto radial feed correction unit for consistency of the hobbed part size are optionally available. These features allow continuous automatic operation for extended periods.


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