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KN80 6 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

Ideal for Hobbing Small Gears An Energy-Saving and Complete Dry Cut Hobbing Machine (Wet Cut Hobbing Machine or Wet/Dry Cut Hobbing Machine is optionally available.)

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter: 80 mm
  • Max. Module: 4

  • Typical Parts Hobbed on the KN80

    ・ Steering Pinion
    ・ Geared Motor
    ・ Compact Reduction Gear
    ・ Motorcycle Gear

    HIgh Speed Hobbing

    Despite its compact size (1,800 mm of machine length), the KN80 is designed for the high speed hobbing using a 5.5 kW of main spindle motor, delivering a max. of 2,660 rpm hob rotation with 330 rpm of max. work table rotation. Significant reductions in Cycle Time can be achieved when multi-gashed & multi-start hob cutters of small diameter are employed. Also, the finish hobbing process for hardened gear (Hard Hobbing) produces a highly accurate tooth form, an overall increase in gear quality, at a low cost when compared to the grinding process it can replace.

    integrated column and tailstock column-a great important in thermal stability and accessibilitty

    The integrated column and tailstock column increases the thermal stability and minimizes the O.B.D. (size) variation from a cold start due to thermal deformation allowing for superb machining accuracies. Additionally, the tooling area is wide open, making the operator's accessibility to the hob cutter and jig fixture excellent. A part transfer unit such as auto part loader can easily be installed in this area while still allowing a small machine foot print.


    Energy Saving

    The KN80 consumes 40% less electricity than its predecessor. We have been working to develop an energy-saving hobbing machine to reduce costs and to be environmentally conscious.

    Energy Saving
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