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Gleason - Kashifuji P60 7 Axis-CNC Hobbing Machine

Ultra-Fast Hobbing A Complete Dry Cut & Horizontal Type Hobbing Machine (Wet Cut Hobbing Machine is optionally available.)

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter�F80mm
  • Max. Module�F2.5

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    ・ Steering Pinion
    ・ Geared Motor
    ・ Compact Reduction Gear
    ・ Super-Compact Reduction Gear

    A Gleason-Kashifuji Hobber based on Comprehensive Technical Alliance

    Please contact Gleason Asia Co., Ltd. with inquiries or to request a P60 catalogue.
    Gleason Asia Co., Ltd.

    A Technological Blend of Gleason and Kashifuji

    In 2000, Gleason and Kashifuji entered into a technical agreement concerning the development and designing/manufacturing of the P60. Kashifuji's many years of accumulated manufacturing technologies were incorporated into a horizontal high speed hobber, the P60 which was developed by Gleason-PFAUTER. The P60 is built with FANUC CNC Components, meeting the needs of the Asian markets.

    Direct Drive Digital Spindles

    High speed direct drive motors are utilized for both the hob spindle and work table spindle. The hob spindle operates at up to 5,000 rpm. The work table spindle rotates to a maximum of 3,000 rpm. These features allow high speed hobbing of a part with a low number of teeth. An accurate hobbed worm gear can be achieved with high speed hobbing.

    Reduced Cycle Time

    A fast, compact, gantry loader system with an easy change-over design allows a wide variety of parts. Cycle times significantly reduced.

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