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KRM2 5 Axis-Thread / Worm Milling Machine

Ideal for High Precision Machining on Large Module Rotors with a Low Number of Teeth

  • Max. Workpiece Diameter(KRM2)�F200mm

  • Typical Parts Hobbed

    ・ Screw Rotors
    ・ Screw Pumps

    Highly Accurate Machining

    The KRM2 efficiently mills various types of large module rotors with a low number of teeth. Special tooth profiles are possible with the use of a carbide milling cutter. The KRM2 is especially suited for high-precision milling of screw rotors and screw pumps etc.


    Cutter Head Swivel Function

    The horizontal and vertical swivel functions incorporated in the cutter head allow machining of a part with a special tooth profile having both positive and negative pressure angles.

    After-Sales-Services & Machine Maintenance

    The KRM2 can be used at ease with Kashifuji's after-sales service and maintenance service.

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