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Technical Seminar

"Hobbing" is a machining process established more than a century ago, however it is one of the most special cutting methods among the various types of machining methods. It may be said that it is quite difficult to comprehensively understand what "Hobbing" is, and it requires a long time to master it.

Kashifuji periodically offers technical seminars about "Hobbing". The seminars are a combination of lectures and hands-on training. We present explanations of the hobbing principal and a lot of helpful "gear" related information useable at your factory.

As part of the seminar, we solicit your "Hobbing" questions and provide answers to your questions and present technical information. We take this opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with our customers and to listen intently to their suggestions/opinions that are offered. We hope that the technical seminar helps you fully utilize the features of Kashifuji machines and the technical knowledge gained to enhance the productivity of your production team.

We have presented technical seminars for Chinese & Japanese customers. We would like to offer the technical seminars in other areas. For the details, please e-mail us at: (Overseas Sales Dept).

Hobbing Presentation (Entry Level)
1) Hobbing Principal
2) Basic Diagram of Hobber
3) Hob Cutter
4) Gear Error as related to Accuracies of the Hob Cutter / Hobber
5) Operating Suggestions of Hobbing
6) Latest Hobbing Technologies

 Factory Tour
 Questions and Answers

Hobbing Presentation (Advanced Level)

1) Hobber / Hob Cutter / Hobbing Accuracies
Explanation of the Basics
2) Causes of Hobbing Accuracy Error and Countermeasures
Determining Causes of Hobbing Error by Observing Gear Tooth Flanks
Determining Causes of Hobbing Error by Analyzing Inspection Charts
3) Cutting Conditions / Hob Cutter Wear
Analysis of Cutter Wear and Determining Cutting Conditions to Prevent Wear
How to Optimize Cutting Conditions for Cutter Life or Cycle Time
4) Machine Maintenance
Explanation of Basic Machine Components and Suggested Maintenance

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